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Bachelorette Party Wording advise

Hello All,
Im planning my best friends bachelorette party and need to send out the invitations ASAP but I need help with a clever bachelorette parrty invite asking that all attendees who want to stay over night in the hotel room chip in for the hotel cost. I m not sure how much it will be yet because it will depend on who will stay overnight.  I also want the money upfront so not to make the bride uncomfortable the night of and to cause unneeded weirdness.  HELP!!!!

Re: Bachelorette Party Wording advise

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    Do you have e-mail addresses or phone numbers for the people invited?  If you do, I would contact them that way before invitations go out and just informally let them know what's up with the hotel room and how much it would cost.

    If that won't work, then I would include an insert in each invitation explaining that a hotel room is available but you need to know who plans to stay in advance and will need payment in advance.
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