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ideal shower?

If you got to choose--and I know, brides don't throw their own showers, so please don't harrass me for asking this--but IF you got to choose your ideal shower place/theme/event, what would you do?

My aunt and my brother's fiance generously offered to throw me a shower, but they're both based out west and I'm in NYC. They asked what I wanted to do and said they'd make it happen. Frankly, I'm stumped. I've only been to one shower in my life. While they will still be planning the whole thing, they asked for some guidance before they go running with it. They know I'm not terribly comfortable with the idea of sitting in the middle of a room having people stare at me as I open presents and feign excitement at getting a new crock pot, so frankly, I appreciate their willingness to do something a little less traditional.


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    If you have to feign excitement over a gift, then I think you should just decline the shower.  If it's really that hard to be happy that people took the time to shop, the money to buy, the effort to wrap.....well, shoot, sorry it's such a chore for you.

    My DD's shower was, IMO, perfect.  It was at our home.  There were about 20 people there.  We watched her open her gifts and loved seeing her gracious reaction to each and every one.  We had snacks on the table and wine and strawberry lemonade, visited, chatted, and laughed together.

    After the gift opening, we had fabulous desserts made by the WP.  And then all went home happy.
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    My ideal shower: My close friends and family all together. I live 2300 miles away from my family and will be travelling to Seattle and Portland for 2 showers (one with my mom's family and one with my dad's - would've been one but neither of my grandmas can travel that far) and I am just excited to be able to celebrate with those that are unable to travel for the wedding. The gifts are just a bonus.
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    I am having a very small shower (probably 8 woman) and the woman organizing it has told me that she sees it as just us girls, sitting around a table, having some drinks or tea, and chatting about marriage and life.  This sounds perfect to me.  I'm not super comfortable with the idea of sitting in a circle and having people watch me open presents.  I have no idea if people will bring them or not, so of course I'll open them if they do, but I'm glad the focus is more sitting around and chatting.  
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