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Long-distance, military bridal shower?

My FH and I are long distance.  He is currently based in Europe and I will be joining him after the wedding. We do get a "move" through the military, but who knows how long that would take.  Because of all that, we were planning on not registering, and not having a bridal shower.

But people keep asking me and offering to plan one!

One of FH's aunts (whom I haven't met yet) sent me a message (a comment on the wedding website...) offering to plan a bridal shower and perhaps have a "silent shower" where apparently, people just mail the stuff to me or something.... On the one hand, I want to just say, "Ok, that sounds great. Thanks, you're so generous and sweet!" and let her feel involved and whatnot. But on the other hand... I don't know how I really feel about (indirectly) asking people to mail me gifts that I may not be able to use for a few months until it gets to our base...

FH doesn't care too much either way, but I still feel bad telling her no...

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Re: Long-distance, military bridal shower?

  • lizstill13lizstill13 member
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    Just politely decline all shower offers and give the explantion you just gave here.
  • duckie1905duckie1905 member
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    What your aunt has suggested is really tacky, rude, and pretty disgusting.  Just say no and explain using the reasons you gave above. 
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