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My MOH and my Mom are planning my bridal shower.  My mom and my soon to be MIL want to invite their friends to the shower.  I have met my moms friends a few times, however I have not met my MIL's friends.  Oe of my moms friends already bought the gift she is bringing!  I am not inviting these people to my wedding and I dont want them to feel like they are good enough to make the bridal shower guest list and not the wedding.  I think it seems like I just want the gifts, which I dont, I want a fun celebration of the woman. 

Would it be okay to invite them, and put on the invitation that gifts are welcome but not neccessary?  If so, how should it be worded?

Please help...

Re: Bridal Shower guest list

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    twilight.rosetwilight.rose member
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    I would honestly add these ladies and their SOs to the guest list if invitations haven't gone out yet and you have space.

    Nobody should be invited to the shower if they aren't invited to the wedding.

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    loop0406loop0406 member
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    I wouldn't add anything on the invitation regarding a gift or not.

    Let your MIL know that your guest list is already set and you feel bad for those going to shower and not wedding. She might be thinking they are invited or will be so you need to clarify...ASAP
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    If they are invited to the shower, they (and their SOs) should be invited to the wedding.
    Do not write 'Gifts are welcome, but not neccessary'. If the party is a shower, then the point of it is to shower the bride with gifts.
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