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Couple/Co-Ed Shower Games

Does anyone have any suggestions on fun games to play a couples shower? 

I know we are going to play a version of the "Newly Wed Game" but any other suggestions would be great! 

Re: Couple/Co-Ed Shower Games

  • ecuchikaecuchika member
    edited December 2011
    At my cuz's shower we played a fun game:

    Guests get 1 paper/pen and they have to write down one fond memory of the guest of honor. Its totally anonymous so no one writes their name down.
    The host collects all papers and shuffles them up.
    The guest of honor picks out a few sheets.
    She/He reads the paper out loud and has to guess who wrote that memory down.
    If she/he guesses the correct person then that guest gets a prize.

    Its fun cute and approate for all ages--so if older guests will be attending or younger children.

    EDIT: if both groom AND bride will be there then maybe have pink and blue paper and keep them seperate.
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