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rehearsal/RD questions

what exactly do you do at the rehearsal?  is it just literally musicless/wordless dry run of the ceremony?  ive never been in a wedding before, in case ya cant tell.  haha.
is it normal/acceptable/SOP to do the rehearsal the day before the wedding?
we have rented out a pavilion(ceremony), hall(reception) and lodge for our wedding.  we have the pavilion and hall for just the day-of, and the lodge (where we, the WP, and OOT guests will be staying for all 3 days if they want) for the day before, -of and -after.  so, i was thinking that we could just have a fun day the day before (maybe middle school-style field day games), at some point have a rehearsal, then cook out that evening, as a rehearsal dinner.  is that acceptable?
we're having a super laid back wedding, involving our laid back selves, and laid back friends and family.  :)

thanks, guys!  i dont think i should be able to make it through wedding planning without these boards.  :)
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