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Rehearsal dinner with FG and RB

Are you guys inviting the family of the FG and RB to the Rehearsal Dinner? Mine are both from the same family I know both kids since there were born and their mother trusts me more then any one else with her kids They are 4 and 3 and I love them so much. I just don't know if the Rehearsal Dinner is just for the people in the wedding and that all. We are paying for the whole wedding are selves so money is going to be tight.

Re: Rehearsal dinner with FG and RB

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    My FG and RB both have a parent in the wedding, so they're already invited.  Sorry, no help here.  But...if they weren't in the wedding, I think that it's appropriate for their parents to be invited.  Even though the parents aren't IN the wedding, they are still providing everything the kids need in order to help you on your big day - they deserve a little thank you for that. 

    The rehearsal dinner is for whoever you want to have there.  The standard is the wedding party, but some include their significant others and even out of town guests that are there early.  Do whatever works for your budget.

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    I would not have allowed my 3 and 4 year old to attend an evening dinner without me or their father.  Not that they don't know you, and that their mom doesn't trust you. 

    But I know that at the RD on the night before your wedding, you're going to be pulled in a million directions.  It's not fair to ask you to focus your attention on two preschoolers, and I'm not sure that you can actually supervise them the way they need to be.

    Not insulting you:  just my perspective as a mom and a preschool teacher.
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    I would invite the whole family, its such a nice gesture, and it keeps you from having to babysit. I would host a dinner you can afford to invite the parents to. It doesnt have to be fancy, a BBQ or pot luck that includes more people is going to leave everyone feeling better than a fancy returaunt where you have to exclude people.
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    Yes. The FG is my fiance's niece and her dad is an usher and her mom is FI's sister.  The RB is my godson and his mom is the matron of honor.  I think the FG and RB really need to be at the rehearsal more than anyone since they are kids and don't have as much wedding experience and I think everyone who goes to the rehearsal should go to the RD. 
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    Thanks everyone for the input it help out alot
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