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Who should be invited to the Bridal Shower?

I was wondering what is the typical etiquette for who to invite to the bridal shower?

Re: Who should be invited to the Bridal Shower?

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    I'm of the opinion that only closest friends and family should be invited.  I prefer showers that are small:  max of 25 guests, and that includes the bride and WP.
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    I just addressed this issue on another board that I frequent (non-Knot) and got a variety of responses.

    I'm hosting a shower for a close friend in the coming months.  I was shocked when she sent me a potential guest list over nearly 50 people for the shower!  Luckily she said she only anticipates 20-25 to actually attend, but still she's sending an invitation to basically every woman invited to her wedding.

    I think 20 max is ideal IMO.  It also depends on what you want to do during the shower.  Do you plan on playing games and actually watching the bride open the gifts?  Then a smaller guest list is the way to go.  If you want more than 20 people there, then you might have to forego playing too many games and/or actually watching the bride open the gifts (which apparently is a new trend).  However, if you do that, then what will the people at the shower do?  Just stand around and talk?

    Just my .02 cents.
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    I agree that close friends & family should be invited. I don't think that your cousin's new girlfriend should be invited & any other situation like that!

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    who normally throws the shower? and when is the supposed to be done?  So if the women you invite to this shower are suppose bring a gift for the bride, do they bring another to the wedding for both ?  I'm confused on this.
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