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I am having my wedding in chesnut hill (outside of philadelphia). My guests are all mostly out of towners, so I wanted to try and have the rehearsal dinner in the city somewhere so some of the family-to-be can see Philly.  I have a $1000 budget and about 40 people to invite. Any suggestions?
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    Try the Philadelphia local board by clickjing on "local wedding boards" - and repost this.  Chestnut Hill is technically a neighbor still within the city of philadelphia.  Its in the northwest portion of the city (I see you're from SD - please disregard if you are a local girl)

    AND for safety's sake, take you're FI name out of your signature.  Typical internet safety and all.

    You're looking to spend about $25 per person.  The chestnut hill grill will probably run you more than that, especially if you are planning to include alcohol.  It is definately worth checking out.  I don't know if they do a price fixed menu.  I also really like Jack's Firehouse on Fairmount.  It, too, will probably run you more an $1000.     

    Since you're having mostly OOT guests, could you let us know if they will be driving, etc.... Getting 40 OOTers on a septa bus into center city will not be fun. 
    Also, check out  you can search by city, price and menu type.  It isn't an exhaustive list, but it should get you started. 
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    im new to all of this. i dont know how to post, or change signature, or find out if someone has responded to a post :(
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