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I am getting married on July 9, 2011.

and is it right to have an engagement party in july 10 of this year or not??

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    You can have an e-party anytime I guess.  Actually, I've never known anyone who's had an e-party IRL.  They're just not done in my circle.

    But what you shouldn't do is throw your own e-party.  If someone offers, fine.  If not, no party.  And no one should be invited to the e-party who's not going to be invited to the wedding.
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    Sure! You can have an engagement party at any time during your engagement, but usually they're thrown within the first few months of the engagement. A year from the wedding would be great!

    But as pp mentioned, don't throw your own engagement party. You're really not supposed to throw a party in your own honor. Anyone can throw it for you.. parents.. friends.. aunts.. uncles.. grandparents.. cousins.. etc.. Our parents threw ours, but it was actually at my place because I was moving and I had a big beautiful open floor plan with a fireplace, so when they offered, I begged them to let us have it at my place as my "last hurrah". But our parents did the invitations, provided the catering, the champagne, and the cake.

    Also, I just wanted to re-emphasize what the pp mentioned, that anyone who is invited to the e-party should also be invited to the wedding. If I were invited to an e-party, I'd be expecting a wedding invitation when the date got closer.
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    One note on throwing it yourself, there is an exception if it is to announce your engagement (as in no one knew).  My BIL threw my sis one, though he told everyone (including her) it was a housewarming.  I thought that was fine, though possibly he should not have proposed right there, it could have gone badly.
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    Well, its my fiancee's parents that wants to throw it for the two of us and we both just agree on it...

    they think that its a wonderful idea of having the engagement party 12 months before our our wedding...
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