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postponing the wedding

Due to circumstances beyond their control---my daughter and her fiance are having to postpone their wedding that should have taken place in 2 months.  Save the dates were sent out 3 months ago. 

The vendors have been notified.  All bridal showers have been put on hold.  The immediate family and wedding party have been notified.  How do we handle the guests?  Is it necessary to contact them since an invitation has not been sent out?

Re: postponing the wedding

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    You should contact everyone that has received a save the date just in case they have made travel arrangements or planned to send a gift. Do it whichever way is easiest for you, a note, email or telephone call.
    Sorry about your daughter's wedding. I hope everything works out for them soon.
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    Yes, I absolutely think all the guests need to be notified.  Some may have arranged to take a day off of work or booked hotel rooms, and the sooner they can change their plans, the better.  Best of luck!
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