Pre-wedding Parties

Bridal Shower for my mom

My dad passed away about 8 years ago and my mom is getting re-married to a widower.  They do not want gifts at their small/low-key wedding. 
My mom has thrown showers and parties for my siblings and I and we would like to have a party to celebrate her upcoming wedding.  I'm planning on having a tea for her closest family and friends, just so we can get together to celebrate that my mom is finally happy again!!!!!
I will be booking a tea party at a local arboretum where they will serve tea, sandwiches and dessert.  But I have a few questions that maybe ya'll could help me with.
1.  Should I call this a bridal tea? or a shower?
2.  Mom is in her sixties, is downsizing and doesn't want gifts, so how to I word this on an invite?
3.  If we're not opening gifts, what the heck do we do?  I don't want the afternoon to be boring!!
Thanks in advance!!
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