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Bach Party Ideas in St. Louis?

Ok, Sorry I hate to repeat, but I've been through 7 pages of posts and can't find one like this so here goes:

My MOH and another BM that are planning have asked me what I want to do! Honestly I haven't been out partying with the girls since I met my fiancée, so I want to go have a great time! I don't want it to be a total drunken fest, or really anything like strippers or anything but a really good bar that's not too smoky. The only thing that is coming to my head is Jive and Wail. I've been there twice & had a great time but I wanted to do something else also either before or after to spice it up a bit. Everyone is over 21 (that is the common problem I'm seeing). And most people are in my same shoes, are stuck in the rut of family life & want to get out & have a good time (but still have to be conscious in the morning) we're all pushing 30. Also I'm allergic to beer (mixed drinks are my friend) so I don't tend to like the bar hopping thing. I know my friend, & I have all the Penis straws and silly games ahead of me which I'm looking forward to,  so I don't want to go somewhere where we will offend other people (like at a restaurant w/ families w/ kids or older folks)
Any ideas for places in the St. Louis area would be great! thanks.

Re: Bach Party Ideas in St. Louis?

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    You should post this on the St. Louis board.....look to the left and click the link on "Local Wedding Boards" you'll find it there. This is an international board, and I could tell you where to go in Cincinnati, but not St Louis.

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    oops, I thought I was there,Thanks
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    Also for any general Ideas of types of places or things to do not specific to St. Louis, Sorry about that! Also Jive & Wail is a piano bar.
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