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?im new at this? any helpful hints

So I'm new at this wedding thing... my FI and I just got engaged in Feb. 2010 and well we set a date 2 years out. well im just confused is it took late to do enagement photos and partys. i guess im asking is there a time line of when these things should be done. and well ive never had a family member who had a taditional wedding and did the traditional thing so i guess im courious about all of the prewedding partys and their purpose and who you would usually invite to them.
any helpfull hints would b GREAT, thanks so much

Re: ?im new at this? any helpful hints

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    you can do engagement photos whenever you want to. our photographer included them in our wedding package, and we're going to do them this summer so we can have a nice picture for our save the date magnets. (so we're getting the photos done a year into our engagement).
    Engagement parties on the other hand, you have no say over. It's not proper etiquette to throw it yourself (since it honors you) so just sit back and see if someone offers to throw you one. If no one offers, you don't have one.
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    Congratulations on your engagement!

    It's never too late to take engagement photos... any time during your engagement is fine. The beginning.. the middle.. even right up until right before the wedding. A lot of knotties use their engagement photos for their STD's (save the dates) so if you and your FI were planning on doing that, try to take your e-pics closer to the beginnging or middle of your engagement so you'll have the pictures for that.

    As for an engagement party, we had ours about 2 months into our engagement, but from what I've seen on these boards a lot of knotties don't have an engagement party. So, if no one offers to throw you guys one it's not a big deal. But since you're having a 2 year engagement, I'd say anywhere within the first year would be fine to have an e-party. I just wouldn't want you to have it squeezed in amongst the other pre-wedding parties. It's hard on your guests to attend an engagement party..then a bridal shower.. then a bachelorette.. then the wedding. So it's nice to have them spread a part a little bit. HTH!
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