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Rehearsal dinner invites...who exactly gets one?

Who gets invited to the rehearsal dinner beside the WP, and immediate family? If we invite all OOT guests it will almost like having another reception. Lots of OOT guests...even if we just limit it to family OOTs that's over 50 people.

Re: Rehearsal dinner invites...who exactly gets one?

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    All my family is OOT as well, so we're just inviting the wedding party, immediate family, and a few others who will actually be playing roles in the wedding.
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    Oot guests are just optional.  The only people you have to invite are your parents, the wedding party and their dates, and anyone else involved in the actual ceremony like readers, flowergirl and her parents, ringbearer and his parents, etc.  Immediate family is really optional too.  We didn't invite my siblings and their spouses because with our wedding party and parents, we were already up to almost 30 people and my H is an only child, so it just seemed unnecessary to invite all 5 of my siblings when they weren't even involved in the ceremony. 
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    3/4 of our guests will be OOT, so I've given this some thought.  
    I agree with both nhelene and danieliza1127: wedding party, your parents/sibs, and people who are actually IN the wedding somehow (e.g. little attendants/their parents).
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    I believe that it is proper to invite the officiant and his spouse, especially if it is a church wedding and not an officiant for hire.
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    the majority of our guests are coming from out of town as well.  they are not included in our RD (only WP and other VIPs) but after our RD we plan on going to the restaurant/bar thats in our hotel where we're having our wedding to hang out and do some kareoke so we can be together with our OOT guest too that night!

    why not plan something else to do after your RD to include your OOT will give them something to do as well.  they did make the trip for your wedding.

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