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themed bridal shower....

My aunts are throwing me a bridal shower the week of my wedding. The aunt who lives in town asked me what kind of theme I wanted for my shower. I was slightly confused... a 'theme'?..... Any shower I have ever been to never had a theme so I didn't know what to tell her.

She suggested a wine shower where everyone brings glasses or bar utensils that are on the registry and a bottle of cheap wine and we all drink and I get things on my list. She also suggested a bathroom shower but my FI and I didn't put enough bathroom stuff on our list to constitute a shower for those items. Another one that stuck out at me was on the invite telling everyone to bring X amount of money because they were getting one big thing on my list. My FI and I kinda like that one since we want this fancy coffee/espresso maker but we kinda thought it would seem tacky to tell people to bring money on the invite.

She listed off some more choces but I told her I needed to think about it because I really wasn't sure.

Is this more of the norm when it comes to showers and I'm just totally not in the loop? I could I tell her I don't really want a themed shower but I don't want to seem rude since I know she and my other aunt don't have to throw me a shower at all?

I would love input, thanks :)

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    I think themed showers are really better if they are a second shower. If you have one main shower in your hometown, but then someone else throws you a shower in your fiance's hometown, then a themed shower would be great. But, if this is your one and only shower, then why would you want to just get one kind of gift? All of the other things on your registry will go to waste. Tell her you prefer no specific theme or come up with one that has nothing to do with the presents you will receive- like a theme for the food or decor of the shower.
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    You don't have to have a theme, just tell your aunts you don't want one.

    If they insist, my sister had a month theme for mine, I don't know what it's officially called, but she assigned everyone a month (12 people were invited, so it was easy). I actually got quite a few things from my registry, including some of the camping gear that I was expecting to get.
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    See, at that point, it won't be my first shower. My BMs are throwing me a pampered chef/tastefully simple party so I know I'll be getting kitchen stuff from that one. And aside from kitchen stuff I don't know what other theme to do, haha. 

    Iiz I like the idea of a 12 month party. It sounds pretty fun. And Lisa, I like the idea of a theme but not relate it to the gifts. Thanks for the ideas :)
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    I went a "honeymoon" themed party. It was the bride's second shower, and since at her first shower she had received a bunch of things on her registry. For the second one (I was her FI's friend, but we had grown close enough for me to go to her number 2 here in NYC), people did a lot of different things. A couple of us bought her sexy lingerie (which was hilarious) and since they were going to Hawaii, someone got her a bathingsuit, and some people just got some simple dresses. For the people who had more of the intimate details about their honeymoon, they got them a dinner at the hotel, a surfing lesson and a couples massage. I thought it was kind of nice.

    I know if I am lucky enough to have two showers and someone asked me for a theme, I would request a honeymoon theme :)
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    [QUOTE]Another one that stuck out at me was on the invite telling everyone to bring X amount of money because they were getting one big thing on my list. My FI and I kinda like that one since we want this fancy coffee/espresso maker but we kinda thought it would seem tacky to tell people to bring money on the invite.
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    Please don't do this!  It is really rude to tell people how much they have to give as a gift, or that they are required to contribute to a particular gift.
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    I kind of like the idea of a theme shower, especially if it still leaves enough room for people to be creative. Similar to the 12 months shower, I've always liked the "around the clock" shower idea -- guests are given a time of day (either a specific hour like "7 a.m." or a more generic time like "late evening"). Then they buy a gift that you and your fiance would use at that time of day... Maybe they get you your toothbrush holder and some hand towels for 7 a.m.; maybe they get you a set of glasses for nightcaps for late evening. I think it's fun to see what people come up with!

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    My aunt is throwing me a "High Tea" themed shower.  I love ultra feminine stuff so it was right up my alley!  Everyone is wearing "tea style" dresses and we're having quiches, pedifores, etc. 
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    My MOH is throwing me a "date night" themed shower which is awesome! She is assigning half of the guests to "staying in" dates and half to "going out" dates so it leaves lots of room for creativity and the possibilities are ENDLESS!
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    My shower theme was Sex & the City.  We drank cosmos.  

    I really prefer themes that don't revolve around the gifts.  People should be free to give anything they choose.  

    Oh, and ditto PP about that asking for cash thing.  That's really tacky.  
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    My mom's friends are throwing me a "kitchen shower" and the invite includes a blank recipe card that they have to fill out and bring to the shower, and they'll be compiled into a cookbook. Then I'm assuming people will buy gifts that correlate with their recipe.
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