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I meant to do this 2 days ago, but oh well...
Happy 2 months!!! 
We're getting down to the wire, eh? 
How's planning going? 

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    Oh my, I know!! It's crazy to think that less than 2 months from now we'll be married!

    Planning is going well. All the major things are taken care of. Just down to the little details now. How about you? Did you decide on a florist? We went with Tami Winn and are using Sublime Bakery for our cakes.
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    We decided to go with Branching Out for our florist.  I absolutely adore Debbie.  We won a groom's cake from Creative Memories in Hurst, which is who I wanted to use anyway, so we took that as a sign.  They make my pina colada birthday cake every year, so i thought it only fitting to have it as my wedding cake.  The details are driving me crazy.  I'm in the UK visiting my fi for a month, so I can't really do anything except details.  Not a huge fan, let me tell you :)
    Where are you having your reception?
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    Wow, that's awesome you won your groom's cake!! I'd totally take that as a sign too!

    We are having our reception at The Ashton Hotel on Main street in downtown. Where are you having yours? We aren't too excited about the Main Street Arts Festival going on that weekend, but we have got all the details on the driving directions from Carr to the hotel and we have paid for valet parking for all of our guests since it will be a nightmare if they try to find parking on their own. Plus, if the guests want, they can go to the festival after our reception :) Since your wedding is early, are you providing lunch or a brunch? We having a light lunch buffet at ours even though it will be at a weird time at the reception, 3pm.
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    we're having our reception at the hilton.  this whole festival thing is new to me (guess i've been worrying about too many other things?) and all i have to say about that is...whoops.  we opted out of paying for valet parking for everyone because the hotel charges $18 per car which we thought (and still think) is ridiculous.  :S  this however puts a new spin on things. 
    we're having a brunch reception as it will fall around 11:30.  we're having an omelette bar, fruit bar, french toast and some other things.  i'm pretty excited about that as it's quite different to anything i've heard of before. 

    thanks for the heads up :P  i'll have to get my mommy on planning around that...
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