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How much will your bachelorette party cost?

Hello my fellow brides-to-be!

I am thinking about my bachelorette party this coming May and was wondering if anyone else has any idea how much their party is going to cost, including dinner/drinks/clubs/drag shows/whatever you have planned?  I would love to eat at a nice restaurant and then go clubbing with my friends but want to be conscientious about what we spend.  Is $200 a normal amount?  $300?  Is that too high?  If you've ever been to a bachelorette party, I'd be interested to hear how much you spent.

Thanks very much!

Re: How much will your bachelorette party cost?

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    We are going clubbing for mine.  I specifically asked for places that didn't charge cover so that no one has to pay to get inside.  The limo is $200 total for the night.   It should come to about $30 a person, but that is be guesstimating with the cost of the limo, I do not know what, if anything, else that they have planned.
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    If you mean $200-300 per person, yes that's kind of outrageous.  Usually for bachelorette parties, each person pays her own way and then they all chip in to make sure the bride's expenses are covered.
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    How would I know? My BMs are planning something they can afford.
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    Are you the bride?  If so, then let your wedding party do the planning.  I don't think brides are supposed to plan their own pre-wedding parties like showers and bachelorette parties.  They will plan what they can afford.
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    My BMs planned the bach party so they planned what they could afford.  There were 12 of us, they got 2 hotel rooms, we ate at a local pizza place, and then went to a male strip show at a local club.  I think the whole thing, including hotel, booze, and transportation, was about $75 a person.

    I would think that $200 or $300 would be a little outrageous for one night.
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    $200 to $300 is obsene. Speaking from someone who has 3 bachelorettes that I need to attend for a second summer in a row, be respectful! Even if the bridal party can afford it, it is the worst when they call the other guests and annonce how mucht they owe. Let people know how much things will cost and let them make a descision on what they can attend. Obviously, you wont know the cost of dinner/drinks but be realistic. It may be your bachelorette but be fair to the girls who want to celebrate with you, it's not their only event! Also, you are going to be having them to your wedding, you dont need people mad at you at the wedding!
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    If there was a limo involved I would probably plan on spending over 100.. by me to have a limo for the night its about 1000.  Then club entry could be like $10.. drinks/shots... food... it def adds up- but it also depends on what types of places and transportation is being used... also what type of restaurant is it?  Is it going to be BYOB?  In that case the BMs could bring the booze..  but it's true you shouldn't have to worry about all that.  That is what the MOH is there for. 

    But then again, I also want to know all the details and make sure that its something that we will all enjoy (esp. me! lol) If there is going to be a hotel room, limo and night out obviously it would be more..

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    We usually end up spending about $600 a person for bparties in our group but we also go out of town for them so it's hard to say.  If I think about the average spent per person going out to dinner then to clubs plus taxis, and hotel if you stay at one I don't think $200 is that big of a deal but it depends on the size of your group and where you are. Your BMs should plan something they can afford and you sit back and enjoy the ride! After your BMs plan what they can afford they ccan inform any other guests of the plan and estimated costs and the other guests can decide if they want to attend or not. You can't please everyone and this is the night to please yourself!
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