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PSA: Groupon for teeth whitening!

Today's groupon is $89 ZOOM teeth whitening at a McKinney dentist.  My boss and I just made our appointments - they are only scheduling them on Fridays and Saturdays.  I'm excited!  I have a slight obsession with white teeth.

Re: PSA: Groupon for teeth whitening!

  • rcpm44rcpm44 member
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    That's a good deal!

    If you don't have the $89 to do this, I've heard that most dentist reccomend the Crest 3D whitening kits. I've even heard that these work just as good and in some cases, better then the ZOOM! And they're a whole he!! of a lot cheaper!
  • seujoanneseujoanne member
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    I've done the Crest whitestrips and they work good as well.  The professional line is about $50 - so not too far from $89.  ;)
  • bburks79bburks79 member
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    For the ZOOM is only one appointment needed or is it something that you have to go back and do a couple of times before you see results?  I saw the Groupon this morning and was wondering about that treatment.
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  • seujoanneseujoanne member
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    We got all the deets when we called.  It's a 2 hour procedure, no return visit needed, no catch (supposedly).
  • Buttercup509Buttercup509 member
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    I have not posted this here before because I don't want to break any rules, so let me know if you all don't like it and I'll delete.

    I'm dental hygiene student and we are selling Crest Professional Whitestrips and Oral B Smart Series 5000 toothbrushes to fundraise.

    The whitestrips are $40 a box and have 84 strips (42 upper and 42 lower). These are stronger than the ones you buy in stores.

    The toothbrush is $85 and comes with toothpaste and mouthwash. The toothbrush retails for about $150.

    If anyone is interested or wants more information please let me know.
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    Be careful with Zoom. I had a good friend have it done a few years ago and it made her EXTREMELY sensitive to everything she ate and drank. I think crest white strips are just as effective and won't have the side effects that are possible with Zoom. 

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