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xp: Hot Rollers

Do any of you use hot rollers?  Can you recommend your hot rollers?  I have long, thick hair and wanted a quick fix.  I usually use a curling iron, but it takes forever.


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    OMG girl, I am old school when it comes to curling my hair.. I use hot rollers everyday. My hair is long and thick like yours.. I use remington hot rollers and the ones I have I have had for like 7 or 8 years. They last forever.  I dont use their clips that come with it I just get my own that work better. 
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    I have a set that I'm 99% sure they still sell at target. I don't remember the name, but they're purple. What's cool about them is that the clips have metal inside, so the heat is coming from the roller and the clip. My hair is long and hard to curl, but these work the best.
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    My mom has had a set of hot rollers that she has had since before I was born and I used them all the time before I cut my hair.  I don't use the clips that come with it either I just use some old hair clips and it is so easy.  I also use the squishy rollers that you can sleep in over night and have loved the way they look in the morning but sometimes it's hard to sleep on.
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    Yeah... I used to use this set from GE that had to be there from the 70s (cream colored box with a brown lid and white rollers), but they worked the best!  It finally died a few years ago, and I haven't found another one like it.

    I'll look for both of those and try it out.  Thanks!
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