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Kite's cleaners! If you care about your wedding dress, do not take it here!!!!!

Let me tell you about my experience with Kite's cleaners for my wedding gown.  I brought my gown to them after I had had my dress let out and needed the seams steamed open.  This is the second cleaner I had been to to steam the seams open from where it was altered, and I should have left it at the previous one because they did at least 2 of the three seams correctly.

 Anyway, I decided that since Kites does wedding gowns especially, that they might be best qualified to finish the job, even though they were going to charge $150 to do it (the previous place was only going to charge me $40, but because they didn't do it right completely, they didn't want to charge me at all, btw this is Carleton Cleaners on Forest Park and I should have left my dress in their capable, though somewhat inconsistent hands.  Hindsight is 20/20, though.)

 I dropped my dress off at Kites, showed them the seams, watched them write down that the one side needed the seams steamed open, we looked over the entire dress, etc.  When I went the following Friday to pick it up (a week before I leave for my wedding), the side was still not steamed open!!!!!  There are just two huge folded lines still running down the outside of my dress!! Needless to say, I was very upset and they insisted they would have it for me the following Monday (yesterday) by 5:30 and would have it done right.

 So I went in yesterday ready to demand that since they didn't do it right the first time, they should not charge me, or at least not $150.  Well, the side was steamed open, not as well as I thought it should have been, but the big deal was MY DRESS WAS RIPPED!!!!!!  My dress has folded fabric all across the dress and there was a tattered edge hanging down beneath one of the folds in the front part where my thighs would be.  I lifted the fold and there was rip (no seam here) all the way from the left to the right of the fabric!!!  It was not like that when my seamstress let out the dress (she and I discussed this) nor was it ripped when I was showing them the dress when I first brought it in. 

 Well, they began insisting that they didn't do it and here is the best part:  THEY STILL WANTED TO CHARGE ME $150!!!!!!!  They were not going to let me take the dress.  I insisted they get the manager on the phone and after many tears and getting my fiancee on the phone, they offered to only charge me 1/2 and to have their tailors fix it!  I said, there is no way I am paying for this and their is no way anyone in their company is touching this dress again.  Eventually, they consented to let me take the dress, though the managers little teen daughter that was there was insistent that I should have to pay for it.

 I was very upset by this experience, and perhaps, if Kite's would have been willing to have good customer service and common sense from the very beginning, I wouldn't be telling everyone I can about this so they know and are warned.  If they would have admitted that someone there ripped my dress and offered to fix it or pay for it to be fixed before I found the rip, things might be different.  I should have insisted they pay for the repair as well, but as it is, all I want is my dress in one piece for this Saturday so I don't have to worry about it any more. If there would have been other people in there, too, the situation might have been resolved much quicker.  


Do not take your dresses here if you care how they look when they come out.  Take it anywhere else but here.  Just remember, you have been warned.


Re: Kite's cleaners! If you care about your wedding dress, do not take it here!!!!!

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    Thanks for the review.   I'm so sorry to hear about your experience, I hope that you were able to get everything fixed for your wedding this weekend.   Best of Luck!

    I'm looking for a good cleaner for my dress....which after hearing so many horror stories I'm kind of afraid to take it anywhere...=(
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    I'm with Tiffany... I have to take my dress somewhere to get it cleaned and I am mored worried about that than the entire wedding itself. 
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    UPDATE: I received a call yesterday (Wednesday) from the owner of Kite’s cleaners, Gary Kite, who had been out of town and had just heard about the situation.  He apologized profusely about the incident and about what I had to go through and said that there will be some retraining going on in all of his locations with his teams.  He also said that they would be going over my letter point by point to illustrate what went wrong and how it could have been handled better.  He assured me that their policy was not being followed in any way during this incident, that when the dress first had to be redone to get the side pressed open right that there should have not been a charge to me at all from that point forward, let alone that the dress would be in such poor condition when I went to pick it up the 2nd time.  He offered to help me in any way he could, if I needed reimbursement for the repair, etc and he offered that, if I would be willing to allow them to handle my dress again, they would preserve it at no cost after my wedding.

    I was extremely satisfied with his response and feel that he will take the necessary steps to retrain his team regarding policy in such matters.

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    That's good that he was willing to do that! I would have freaked out if they did that to my dress! Do you know what your going to do?
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    I'm looking for a good cleaner for my dress....which after hearing so many horror stories I'm kind of afraid to take it anywhere...=(

    Ditto-but mine really needs to be cleaned before I sell it
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