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starbucks tour of the metroplex tomorrow haha

Tomorrow we are coming into the metroplex to meet with Chelsea mcgowan at a starbucks at ft. worth, meet with DJ Glenn Roush at a starbucks in addison, florist at starbucks in lewisville and videographer at starbucks in colleyville should be an interesting day.  I let all the vendors pick the meeting places and as I went from email to email and saw one starbucks after another I couldnt help but laugh.  At least I will have free wifi if I have to wait at all.

Re: starbucks tour of the metroplex tomorrow haha

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    I met with Glenn Roush, at a starbucks lol, and he was awesome!  I am very excited that he is our DJ!! :)
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    I am very excited to meet him and Chelsea I knew I wanted both of them just from email exchanges before we even moved here but to finally meet with them and everything will be awesome!
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    How funny! 1/2 will try and buy you a drink, too. Beware of coffee overload!
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    HAHA, we're meeting our potential photog at Starbucks too. They are pretty common and a convenient meeting spot.
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    whats even funnier Marissa is that I dont drink caffeine so it is going to be green tea overload haha
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    Ooh sounds like a busy day! :)
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    We had a lot of vendor meetings at starbucks and I'm the same as you, I don't drink coffee haha.
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    I did alot of Starbucks meetings too and I hate coffee.

    I loved, loved, LOVED Glenn.  We hired him on the spot even though he was the first DJ we met with.  I can't say enough good things about him.
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    I met most of my vendors at Starbucks too...in fact, most of them at the exact same Starbucks over the course of one weekend. I had to switch from my usual coffee to their smoothies to avoid getting caffeine overload.
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    haha we met Glenn at a starbucks too. We hired him too. He will be our wedding DJ. He was really sweet. I have a meeting tonight with a florist at a starbucks. too funny :)
    Let us know how the day goes
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    HA!  That's funny.  We met with several vendors at starbucks, too- but not all in the same day!  I'd be checking out all the starbucks' restrooms with all that coffee.  Good Luck!
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    Green tea frapps are delicious. 
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    I was just playing on Facebook and went to my photographers' page... and guess what?  They're a fan of Starbucks!  How funny!
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    If you end up buying any drinks in the morning, save your receipt!  Right now is "Treat Receipt" time at Starbucks.  By any drink in the morning and get a grande cold drink after 2 PM for $2.  Here's some caffeine-free or low caffeine options:

    Hot Drinks:
    Hot tea (some are caffeinated, gree tea is low caffeine, herbal teas caffeine-free)
    Hot chocolate (low caffeine, from chocolate)
    Caramel Apple Spice
    Vanilla Creme (vanilla and steamed milk...can be done with other flavors too)

    Cold Drinks:
    Iced tea (passion tea lemonaide is caffeine free)
    Vanilla Bean Frappuccino
    Double Chocolaty-Chip Frappuccino
    Green Tea Frappuccino (low caffeine)
    Strawberries & Creme Frappuccino (try it with Toffee Nut syrup added...it tastes just like Captain Crunch)

    There's also a  variety of drinks in the refrigerated case - bottled teas, juices, Izze sodas.

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    Good luck with all of your meetings and I hope you have big checks to share with us.
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