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wedding and non wedding related question about Dallas.


My current date for here in NE is 05.06.11 because the average temps would be around 75ish which is perfect for about a 30 min outside wedding held in the evening.  What is the weather like there in your opinions (I checked the weather.com trends but would like some real person advice).  Would you recommend moving it up into April or do you think May is still okay? 


What is the job market like in the Dallas area right now.  I am going to start sending my resume out now, but I have no idea what the market it truly like.  I have a backround in customer support, call center, title company, and supervisory experience in all of these roles.

Re: wedding and non wedding related question about Dallas.

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    I think early May is probably fine for an evening outdoor wedding.  Later, like towards Memorial Day I would say is a little risky.  But you should be fine.  In early May, the bigger concern is rain so I would definitely find a venue that has a backup plan for bad weather.

    Can't help much on the job front, sorry.  I have been lucky to have had the same job for the last 11 years.
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    I think early May is good...It may be in the 80's or so in the evening...but nothing too hot. 

    I think the job market is starting to recover-but I'd probably start sending in resumes and trying to get interviews just to be on the safe side.
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    Early May should be okay, but definitely have a backup plan for rain.  Weather is crazy in Texas.

    There are lots of jobs in Dallas/Fort Worth I think, but it is extremely competitive.   Definitely get a head start on sending resumes and I think you will be okay.
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    I agree with PP about wedding

    As for jobs...there are alot but like PP said it is very competitive right now. You have people who have bachelors that were making 90k a year applying for admin positions make 30k....its tough
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