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Worst Proposal Story EVAR!

So an acquaintance in my circle of friends got engaged last week and when a friend told me the proposal story I was thinking, "I have to tell the knotties about this!"

A little bit of a back story: this girl is bat $hit crazy. At a wedding over the summer she wore an all white maxi dress. Not eggshell, not white with little flowers on it. All white. Fast forward to about 2 months ago she was talking to my friend about wedding venues (before she was engaged) and mentioned my venue. The friend told her I was getting married there and she said, "Well I guess I'll just have to get married there before her." WTF? We're not even friends! Who are you? Then she booked it. Almost exactly a month before my date. I don't even care, I think it's funny/I feel bad for her that she thinks she needs to do that.

Two weeks later she finds an e-ring, emails it to her BF and tells him she wants him to propose by the end of their vacation in Hawaii. Her BF tells her friend (the one telling me the story) that he bought it and is going to propose on vacation. Fast forward, they're in Hawaii at the pool and he asks her, "So, that ring you sent me, is that really the one you want?". She flips out thinking he didn't buy it and runs up to their room, he follows her and turns on the football game. 

So they're in the room and she starts bitching at him saying, "I can't believe we're in Hawaii and you didn't even buy the ring!" and he's like, "Oh yeah? go look in the safe." So she looks in the safe and there's the ring. BF says, "bring it here." She brings it to him and he says, "Will you marry me?". She bursts into tears says yes then texts all her friends and family: "Doug just proposed, I'm so surprised!" Really? You're surprised? My friend asked, "Did you go out and celebrate afterwards?" and she replied, "Well, we finished watching the football game."

The craziest part to me is that she would tell someone about it. I would be so embarrassed! I feel bad for her. 

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