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Did you plan activities for OOT guests? FI and GMs do anything fun? Looking for ideas

It's occurred to me that I know exactly what I'll be doing during the day of my wedding - getting hair and makeup done, having lunch with my bridesmaids, etc - but I don't have any suggestions for my OOT guests or my FI.

I think all of my family (about 25 people total) will be staying at the same hotel, and I plan on getting ready with my bridesmaids in a meeting room/suite there. I was thinking of bringing some snacks and setting them up and having relatives drift in and out to chat with us. Or would you find that too chaotic on the wedding day? (My ceremony is in the evening).

I just wondered if most people suggest things to do and/or actually hire shuttles/coaches and plan an excursion.

I'd also love to hear what other people's FI did with groomsmen the day of the wedding. I'd love to have my "gift" to him be something fun he can do with his groomsmen before the wedding. The problem is, I don't really have any ideas.

Re: Did you plan activities for OOT guests? FI and GMs do anything fun? Looking for ideas

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    We will be having a lot of OOT guests at our wedding, and we didn't necessarily plan anything directly for them, but we are putting together baskets with ideas of things for them to keep enteretained.  Such as..there is a national softball tourney in town that weekend and Motor Magic, which is a huge car show/races all weekend.  We will be placing a map and directions to different locations (grocery stores, zoo, golf courses, pool, parks, restaurants, mall, walmart, location of RD and ceremony/reception, along with goodies (breakfast items, snacks)  in the baskets for all guests.  We are also inviting all OOT guests to the RD. I just figured if they traveled that far to share the day with us, we could at least provide a meal for them.

    As far as for the groom/groomsmen day of plans, we are getting married at a country club, so we arrange to have a discount rate in place for our party that day.  We will be treating the groomsmen to golfing that morning/afternoon.

    Would a chartered mini fishing trip the morning of would be a neat idea too, I see bets on who gets the biggest Cat Fish in play here!  Or renting jet skis for all the guys?  Something like that I think would be awesome, and they'd have so much fun.
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    We are hosting a hot dog bbq at our house on the Thursday for those that will be in town.
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    Our OOT guests attended everything--RD, wedding and brunch the next day.  So we didn't plan anything else for them.  We did give them welcome baskets with snacks and an itinerary for the weekend.  They all stayed at the same hotel (our venue) so they did all congregate and meet for drinks, etc.  It was nice having everyone in the same place.  We pretty much took over the hotel bar the whole weekend!

    As far as you planning anything for the day of the wedding--trust me, you will be too busy to visit or do anything else.  I had lunch for my BMs in our suite but other than my mother and grandmother, no one else was in our room and I didn't want them there anyway.  I did not want people coming in and out--it was just too stressful for me.  But I loved relaxing all morning with my BMs before things got crazy.

    I surprised Ben with a bottle of his favorite scotch and 3 shot glasses the day of the wedding so he could have a toast with his groomsmen.  I knew he would be nervous and thought it might take the edge off.  He loved it.  They just hung out together at the hotel--we had a reveal planned for 4:30 so he really didn't do anything but get ready and hang out in his best man's suite.
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    We had a TON of OOT guests.  Those that could come early enough went to the RD, then afterwards, we went to the hotel and hung out in the lobby and by the pool for awhile.

    Sat. afternoon, there was a lunch (come and go) at my parents house.  My mom was in and out, but either my dad or my aunt was there the whole time.  Almost every OOT guest came by and hung out until around 2:00 (wedding at 5:30).  The World Cup was on the whole time- haha.  

    Then Mom hosted a come and go brunch Sunday morning so people came by on their way out of town.  H and I didn't get there until 11-11:30.  

    I suggested other activities, but most everyone just hung at my parents' house (except a few cousins who wanted to take advantage of the Dallas malls).  

    Times and directions were all in a letter in the OOT bags.  It seems everyone just wanted to take advantage of each other's company.  

    ETA:  H hung at the hotel by the pool with his GMs that afternoon.  They did a couple shots, I'm sure :)
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    My FI is actually going to be helping get ready for the wedding. Our venue is BYOB, so he's going to be rounding up a bunch of coolers, buying all the alcohol, and bringing it to the venue. He took full responsibility of this, I didn't ask him to do this!

    He also said he will be in charge of getting some things to the venue so I don't have to worry about it. Other than that, I think he'll just be getting dressed, drinking a few beers, and taking it all in :)

    We don't have many OOT guests. Any we do have, will be doing whatever they want the day of. We aren't planning anything special for them.

    EDIT: I don't think FI is doing anything in particular with the groomsmen on the wedding day.  He only has 4, 2 of them are his brothers, one of which has a baby, which he will probably be busy with, and the other is only 9! His other two are friends, and will probably be helping FI get all the beer and alcohol and coolers together.
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