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Sunstone Yoga- good for weight loss goals?

Hi ladies! 

I just joined Sunstone for their 30 days for $30 deal.I have always been pretty active, but this is my FIRST time trying yoga EVER, and boy was I sweatin' after my first class today! 

I am already eating properly and following a reduced calorie diet, along with LOTS of water, and am trying to lose about 15 lbs before my wedding in July (so preferably by April or so). I also have a gym membership and have started running, doing some light weight lifting, etc. 

Do you all know if going to yoga classes, specifically the hot yoga classes, are going to assist me with fat/weight loss? Honest opinions here! :) 


Re: Sunstone Yoga- good for weight loss goals?

  • BanannaPBanannaP
    edited December 2011
    The only way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume. While I've never done yoga, my understanding is that it doesn't really burn a lot of calories, especially compared to, say, running or kickboxing. That being said, one way to improve your calorie burn is to build more muscle, as muscle burns more calories than fat. Also, improving your balance will always make your workouts better and prevent injury. 

    BTW, I'm not a personal trainer or anything, this all comes from what I've been taught about fitness and losing weight.
  • sarathirzasarathirza
    edited December 2011
    i agree with pp - i don't know that yoga alone will help you lose weight, but combined with everything else you're doing, it should help with flexibility and balance.  you can check out dailyplate.com and see how many calories certain exercises burn (who knew tennis burns like 700 calories/hour?!)
  • sosie&fangmansosie&fangman
    edited December 2011
    I have done yoga, and i have to say, it is excellent for muscle toning, but not so great for fat buring; however, that said, it will help with stress, which in turn will allow you to stick to your caloric intake and not drive you to eat everything in sight (a HUGE trigger for my overindulgence is stress). Hot yoga also helps you to release impurities in your body.

    Altogether, yoga is my favorite form of excersise, but to lose weight, I would do it in conjunction with aerobic excersise. :)

    Hope this helps! :)
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  • edited December 2011
    I think you will still lose inches with hot yoga--some of those classes really got my heart rate up. We're not talking standing in a pose--this is up and down push up like moves, etc. My Polar heart rate monitor said I burned about 300 calories in a hour. Not a huge amount, but something, especially if you are going multiple times a week.
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  • edited December 2011
    Thanks for your inputs!

    I know that yoga alone is not going to help me lose inches/fat- however since I have never done anything like it, I wanted to make sure its not just going to be a meditative form of exercise that doesn't give me any results (other than peace of mind, etc.). I've always been an active girl and like doing repetitious things that get my heart rate up!

    But based on how I'm feeling this evening, I can tell the class is GREAT for toning and muscle strength. :) If anything I am going to stick to this for my toning and continue with my running and cardio workouts. :) Thanks again ladies! 
  • edited December 2011
    I've done yoga before! I LOVE IT!!! What it does it helps your balance, streghtens your muscles, and most def. helps flexibility!!! When I took it (at TCC), I was also working out as well and I did loose weight. (would have lost more if I didn't drink so much diet coke). Over all, I felt better about myself, and my stress level was way down! I always looked forward to it. Yoga alone wil help you with burning calories but if you throw in your cardio, you'll shed pounds faster :)
  • edited December 2011
    I love it!

    I think it is a fantastic part of a workout program and will help with your goals, but as with any program you really have to cross train to get the most effective results.

    Hot Yoga combined with a good run or spin class and a strength class would be an awesome combo.
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