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Requesting Gift Cards and Monetary gifts

Is it rude to request gift cards and monetary fiance and I are not planning to buy a house for another year and right now we live long distance.  We both have plenty furniture and such.  I don't want to register and then move into my house and have things that I don't need or want in a year from now.

Re: Requesting Gift Cards and Monetary gifts

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    a lot of people on this board ask this. its absolutely rude to ask for cash or gift cards, but if you just make a very small registry, people will get the hint and give u cash. if you dont want boxed gifts you'll have to decline any showers that you are offered though.
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    Do not ask people for money.  It's beyond rude. 
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    I recently put gift cards as an item of my registry. if someone doesn't want to buy a gift off the registry they can just get me a gift card off the registry. but i wouldn't flat out ask for cash money.
    Mrs. Emily Wolcott June 11, 2011 :)
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    My registry actually mentions an option to a guest to give a g/c, but we did NOT put that on there.

    Otherwise, DO NOT ask.
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    Your WP and family can spread the word that you've already got everything you need, but gift cards for favorite stores/date nights/whatever would be appreciated.

    Are you sure there's absolutely nothing you need, though?  Is there anything you would purchase while shopping besides clothing, food and toiletries?  If you don't have top of the line cookware or high count thread sheets, upgrade those. Register for some nice new towels.  Or think out of the box, there are tons of ideas in Brie's sticky note at the top of the page.

    Edit: FWIW, you're more likely to end up with gifts you don't want or can't use by not registering, because some people are just not comfortable giving a non-boxed gift.
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