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where to register for china

so im registered at both macys & bbb and both have the china i have selected... bbb supposedly doesnt carry the china in store so it always has to be ordered, but the regular price is cheaper than macys sale price plus bbb always has 20% off coupons... but on the otherhand, macys does carry it in-store but the price is a bit higher even when it goes on sale & there's coupons...  originally i registered for it all at macys, but then realized that it was wayyyy cheaper at bbb so i switched it to my bbb registry, but now im thinking it may be inconvenient for guests that want to buy it to have to have it shipped & then have to pay for shipping...

any suggestions?? should i register for my china at macys or bbb? or should i put six place settings on each that will add up to the 12 place settings i would like to recieve...
Maggie & Lucas
July 15, 2011
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