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Experiences vs gifts and an alternative idea for a wedding registry

I was writing about my couples massage service for my blog and had the idea for a whole new concept for an alternative wedding registry - in which you give a choice that people could provide services for you as an alternative or an addition to buying things.

You might include practical items  like shoveling snow, helping paint your new house, or even doing some ironing however, you could also invite your guests to come up with their own suggestions - you might discover some hidden talents amongst them.    

It seems like a thoughtful way to ensure that celebrating your wedding doesn't cause your guests financial stress and for second marriages,  especially, there comes a point at which looking for the ultimate gadget verges on what I like to call kitchen-porn.

In fact, I think experiences as opposed to things are very under-rated as wedding gifts, yet they have the capacity to mean so much more.   What's your opinion?


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