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Engagement Party Registry?

My FI are not getting married for at least 3 years since I want to finish school first, so we are planning on throwing a small engagement party over the summer, right before we move into an apartment together. Someone suggested making a small registry already for the party and because we could use the gifts right away. I don't think this is a good idea. What do you think? I'm not sure what to do... Any suggestions?

Re: Engagement Party Registry?

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    We had an engagment party about a year before the wedding. We registered. Most people wanted to give us gifts so we registered then so we could get what we wanted. It actually helped. We got all our bedding and casual china at the party. We also got a number of really nice Tiffany things. Anything remaining, we left on the registry and we updated when it got closer to the showers. We made one remaining registry with our china.

    BUT -- We haven't used anything we received. It's all at my mother's house. We are waiting until we are married.
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