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Out of Town Shower Gifts

    I'm originally from PA and moved to FL not too long ago. I'm having a PA shower for friends and family there. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to transport gifts back home? I feel like it's rude to mandate what gifts guests bring to the shower (ie. only gift cards, or light gifts), but I can't afford to spend tons on shipping everything back down to FL. How have others handled this issue?

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    I'm in the same situation.  Since I'm flying in for my shower, I'm pretty sure I won't be able to fly much back with me.  I've actually bribed my mom and my sister to take a road trip after our wedding to bring our gifts back.  Granted, its only a seven hour drive rather than a two day drive...  but would it be possible to bribe someone you know to drive the stuff down to Florida? 
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