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Thank you notes for shower gifts

I'm about to have my wedding shower next weekend. I'm wondering if, when writing up the thank you notes for gifts, does the note come from just me or from both me and my fiance (even though he won't be at the shower). Thanks!

Re: Thank you notes for shower gifts

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    If it's a wedding shower, then the gift is for the two of you and both names go on the TY. If it's a bridal shower, then the gift is just for you and only your name goes on the TY. (I am aware that not all regions have two different kinds of showers, but the south still has the two different kinds of showers.)
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    My shower was technically a bridal shower and my DH did not attend.  Many of the cards, however, were written out to both of us, so I had him sign everything. I don't think there is any harm in having him sign.  If your friends and family are anything like mine the gifts were intended as gifts for both of us.
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    IMO, the best advice for this situation is to mention your fiance in the body of the note (ex. Mike and I will get great use...) but sign it just yourself.
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    Thanks for your suggestions, girls. I'll keep all of this in mind when doing the TY notes.
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    All our showers are super girly, focused on the bride and have nothing to do with the groom.  I'd estimate 10% of my shower guests even included his name on the tag or envelope.Like pp, I'd mention him if it's relevant (The cookbook has a great recipe for lasanga--FI's fav! or FI has already said the cookie sheets were the best gift because it means I'll bake more cookies!) but don't sign his name.
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    I am so glad you asked this question becuase I had my first shower yesterday and it was a bridal shower... groom was not invited and some cards had both our names and some had just mine.
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