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I hate Kohl's

We registered in-store for most of our appliances at Kohl's, thinking that since they always have sales and people in my area are constantly getting Kohl's coupons, we would be more likely to get them as gifts. Seemed like a good idea. I've been stalking my registry for the past few days and barely anything has been removed from the list. I am just starting to find out from some of my shower guests that nothing we registered for is coming up on the printed registry; it all is "unavailable." I didn't notice beforehand because online, it shows all of my items as being available and in stock. What a pain! My shower is 2 days away and there's nothing I can really do about it. Did anyone else have problems with Kohls? I am disappointed because I thought they would be one of the easier places, especially since we registered for EVERYTHING in-store and not online.

Re: I hate Kohl's

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    Sorry you are having trouble. We used them and were happy with the experience, so I'm not really sure what to tell you. I find it sort of strange, though, that every single item on your registry is coming up unavailable at every store your guests are visiting. Have you printed the registry at the store you registered? Nothing, or very few things, should be coming up "unavailable" since you registered in the store. It doesn't sound like a stock issue to me, that sounds like some other problem with the registry itself. Perhaps it was uploaded incorrectly. We did the majority of our registering for Kohl's online (because the employees at the store in my town couldn't figure it out) and we never had that problem.
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    Well, Kohl's isn't a real department store, so it can't be held to the same standards as a department store. It's like Big Lots or Steinmart - see their description on Wikipedia.
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