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Untraditional Registry Ideas?

Anyone have any registry ideas, other than the typical: Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy's, Pottery Barn, etc?  Trying to be creative as my fiance and I both have households and don't need to "furnish" from scratch.  Some ideas already received are: Target, Home Depot, Travel agency (registering for a honeymoon).Would appreciate any feedback you might have...Thanks!

Re: Untraditional Registry Ideas?

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    My fiance and I are going to Hawaii for our honeymoon and when I was doing some initial researching of hotels earlier online, I noticed a bunch of them have "honeymoon registries" specific to their location. For example, one hotel we want to stay at is about $400/night and you could create a registry there. You could enjoy a really lavish honeymoon courtesy of your guests, if that's what floats your boat. :) Otherwise, places with home furnishings are awesome - who doesn't want to dress their nest more?! Enjoy!
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    To my knowledge Home Depot does not have a registry - we tried!What about Amazon or REI?
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    Williams Sonoma has a great selection of gadgets, cookbooks, and kitchen stuff. Things you wouldn't normally buy for yourself but that are very fun, IMO.
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    I think Home Depot discontinued theirs, but Lowe's might still have one? REI for outdoor or sports stuff. Best Buy if you need something like a new microwave or a digital camera, but I wouldn't register for a 56" plasma tv. Macy's and some department stores also have furniture that you can register for if there's a big piece you need. I think you can register at Ikea.
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    agreed with retread. Honeymoon registries are just asking for cash. They may be saying they are buying a scuba diving trip for you but in all reality,  they are just sending you the cash minus a fee. Ultra rude in the etiquette book.
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    Besides BB&B, we registered at Lowe's and  No one bought anything from the registry, but they have really fun and unique stuff.
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    we registered at in addition to the regular places.  sorry, but we're both well into our 30s, and we don't really need pots and pans.  our friends who are also in their 30s perfectly understand this - and actually think it's cool, not rude!  the parents and their friends are welcome to pick stuff off the other registries if they consider that newfangled idea rude! you can do a wish list on, and there's also where you can make a wish list and people can reserve certain items.  good luck!
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    I jsut saw that has a registry function, and a Universal Registry so you download a little button and click it to add anything you find on another site to your amazon registry. This way you only have to have one registry. Since most of my guests are out of town and I dont really know what stores are available to them, I think Ill be using this option.
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