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How many people used your registry?

My FSIL is getting married tomorrow. She has three full registries set up. When I bought her present last weekend, I noticed very few things had been purchased, but figured people were waiting til the last minute. Out of curiousity, I checked back today and noticed only about 15 items have been purchased total, many of the kitchen utensils. She expects 120 guests. It makes me wonder if this is normal and if I should put a lot less effort into my registries if nobody is going to use them.

Re: How many people used your registry?

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    we got a lot of gift cards to the places we registered. I would say 25% of guest used our registeries. The rest of cash gifts and gift cards.
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    It really just depends on your people. Some people only use the registry for the shower and always give money for the actual wedding. Other people aren't comfortable giving money. Some of it is regional. (I've heard NY people say that they only give money.) If you'll have a lot of the same guests, you can take take a hint from her.
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    Only a couple of people gave us gifts from our registry (80 guests) and the rest were checks and cash.
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    a very small number. it was really almost a waste of time. I don't regret having an online only registry (amazon) but it was weird to older relatives. My younger friends assumed we wanted just cash since we didn't include the registry info with the invites, so they didnt even look.  Our registry still is active so family can use it for holidays and bdays. 
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    It got used A LOT for the shower, not so much for the wedding.  It really depends on your group.  Mine gives gift cards, cash, and checks for weddings but actual gifts for showers so it was worth it for me.
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    The majority of our stuff was bought on our registries, but for some reason one store had a glitch and it didn't appear as though anything had been purchased.  We also got a lot of gift cards to the stores we had registered at along with checks and cash.  It's still a fun experience, even if you don't have a lot bought directly off of them!
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    It depends on your area almost ALL of our gifts were from the registry, if people had to travel far they gave us gift cards to the places we registered. We got about 4 checks.
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    I agree, I think it depends on the people.  Some people like using registrys, some don't.  Some if they don't know you too well might use it, others close to you might get you something that you didn't even know you wanted!  I would go ahead and register because you never know!  Also, a lot of registrys give the bride and groom a discount on the items after the wedding date which is great if you were hoping for a particular item and received some money in lieu of gifts.
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