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Do I have enough/too much? + Product suggestions!

Hi Ladies,I'm sure this has been posted before, so I'm sorry for the repetition.1- I'm super excited that we started registering today!!2- I'm totally overwhelmed! We registered at Macys and Bed Bath and Beyond.  Before today, I absolutely understood the benefits of 2-3 registries (variety in items, choice for my guests).  However, now I'm concerned that having things spread out might not be a good idea.  For example, we registered for our pots and pans at Macys, but kitchen gadgets and utencils at BBB.  It just sort of worked out that the higher end items were at Macys, so we deleted some of the mid-to-lower range stuff from there and moved it over to BBB.  Now I don't know if there's enough of each price point.... or even too much!What is the standard?  Anyone want to scope out my registries and give me some advice before I tell our parents and bridal party that they exsist? :)Also, I'm still looking for suggestions on things like a good vaccuum, great knives, etc...thanks in advance!

Re: Do I have enough/too much? + Product suggestions!

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    You should have more things at a lower price point on your registries and a handful of things at a higher price. For a vacuum I highly recommend a Dyson (average price is ~$400).
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    I'm sure it's not very official but Macys provides a breakdown of how many items you should have in each price range based on the number of people invited to your wedding. Did you look at that?
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    HI Seabass-I did... however, I think those numbers are based on guests giving a gift as their actual wedding gift.  Where I'm from, typically only at the shower do guests give a "real" gift, and I'd say a good 90% of guests give cash/check at the actual wedding.  So I think the numbers they give are too much.
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