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Registering at Best Buy... for a toaster?

Hi! My previous post was written before I had a chance to check other stores' offerings.Abyway, we just started a registry at Bed, Bath and Beyond. And we are planning on having a honeymoon registry for things like candle-lit dinners. Question - FI wants electronic stuff, I want normal hosehold registry items. Originally the other registry would have been Target, but after a lot of opinions, I am rethinking that choice.Would it seem odd to have  aregistry at BBB for towels, bedding an dplates, etc.But have the toaster, coffee pot, microwave, blender,etc be listed at Best Buy, along with electronic things.Would that make sense? Or would people probably not check both?Both stores are convienient for our guests.

Re: Registering at Best Buy... for a toaster?

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    Why don't you just use one of those online registries where you can add anything you want from any store on one registry? My brother and his wife used when they got married and it made it so much easier because everything was listed in one place. My brother also wanted to register for honeymoon items, so they made cash gift funds on their registry for a kayaking trip, an atv adventure and some other fun things they did on their honeymoon. My fiance and I already started our registry on that site even though we aren't getting married until early 2011 so that our family can give us gifts from our registry for the holidays!
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    Register for the toaster, etc, at BBB - people can use their coupons there!  Most people, besides some of your younger friends maybe, would purchase at BBB, I believe.
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