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Using Shower Gifts

We just had our shower, but someone told us we are not supposed to open and use the gifts until we are married.Is this traditionally true?

Re: Using Shower Gifts

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    Old school etiquette says to open them immediately and send out ty cards, which you should do. You are not supposed t use the gifts in case the wedding doesn't happen and then you have to return all of the gifts.
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    Traditionally yes it's true, but realistically it's not. Did you open the gifts at the shower? If so, then they know it's been opened and most people assume once you have opened it and sent the thank you then it's fair game. But keep in mind - like other people have said - in case the wedding doesn't happen you may be expected to return the gifts and then you'll have to replace them with new items if you've used them. Some guests at my shower even told me to use their gifts - so I have!
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    Like PPs said it's true.  You should 'open' the present to see what it is and to inspect for damage (same for any wedding gifts you receive prior to the wedding).  Then send TY notes immediately for any of those presents.No gifts should be used until the wedding actually takes place because as PPs have said, if anything were to prevent the wedding from taking place as planned, the gifts would need to be returned to the gift giver in original condition.
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