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broken gift

I received a convection oven from my registry, and I love it! Problem is the door is broken. I contacted Sears and they said even though I want an exact exchange I need the receipt. Would it be tacky to ask the guest if she had a gift receipt? I love the gift, and was so disappointed when it was broken.Is there a better way to word this to the guest?
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Re: broken gift

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    Wow, that's terrible customer service! Did they know it was a registry item when you talked to them? Most stores will allow you to exchange a registry item without a reciept. If there's nothing the store will do, then go ahead an ask the person for the reciept. It's a little sticky, but I'm sure they wouldn't want you to have a broken gift.
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    Maybe try and go to the store in person and try to return it. Might have better luck face to face. I don't see why they would need the receipt. If they still give you a hard time then I would ask the guest for the receipt. I'm sure they would appreciate you asking them for the receipt rather than having their money go to waste on a broken oven.
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    Can you contact their registry service? Do you happen to have the packing list to reference? In situations like this, I'd go up the cs food chain until you get someone who will work with you.
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    That's crap.  Go to a store and talk to a manager.
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    Wow. Boo on Sears for their crappy service. I'd go into the store and talk to someone in person.
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    Ditto PPs. Go to Sears in person and try to exchange. Go to the store manager if you need to.
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    Go to the store and explain, nicely, in person. Make sure they know the item was purchased from your registry and arrived damaged. Do not back down; keep talking until you get your way.  A manager will have the authority to replace the damaged item. If you really cannot get anywhere with the store, contact the manufacturer, via the telephone number in the instructions.If all else fails, ask the gift givers if they still have a receipt.
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