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China: Do I or Don't I?

I am in the middle of a Fine China dilemma. I love the idea of China and would absolutely use it to entertain sometimes, but I am not sure if we should keep it on our registry. We have already picked a pattern that we love, but we both currently live with our parents (and will until we get married) so we have NOTHING for our life together. My concern is that someone will get us our china and we will end up without a microwave or something we will use regularly. Is it a bad idea to have china on our registry right now? When we get married, we are planning on staying in an apartment for a few years. I just LOVE our pattern and really would like to have a china set. Any suggestions??
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Re: China: Do I or Don't I?

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    I would suggest if you want China now is the time to get it. You are much more likely to go and buy a microwave, toaster, towels, etc. However, the china is something that may not be practical but if you want it I say go for it. You will always find a way to get the stuff that you need.
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    I agree with pp. You are a lot less likely to buy yourself china than you are a microwave. Now is probably the only time you'll have people wanting to buy you china (unless it's parents for a birthday/holiday). I say register for it. If you only get 2 of 12 sets and you don't feel like you want to keep those two, you could always exchange them for something more useful at this stage in your life.
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    Ditto pp. We are also in the same situation, we need all the useful stuff but also registered for China. So far we have only gotten the "useful" items, not the China. People will get you some useful things too, don't worry! You should definitely register for it.
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    I registered for china after being badgered for weeks by one of my coworkers.  Honestly, I'm glad I did.  We use it everytime we have guests and I enjoy having some nicer things to bring out when others are around. We also got china that was dishwasher safe so that might contribute to how often we use it.
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    Keep the China. I already own my entire set of fine China- I loved my pattern too and I found it all on sale so I bought it- I'm not getting married till June 2011. I don't even have it in our apartment- it's residing accross the country with my parents since my fiance and I had to move far away for his job. I know we won't use it until we move back home, but I loved it, and I got it. Microwaves aren't that expensive, you can get one for 60$. Just make sure people have a choice between more luxurious stuff like China and practical stuff like a pasta spoon and I don't think you'll have an issue!
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