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Has anyone used this registry one stop site before? Specifically I am trying to use the feature "add it from anywhere"  I would like to add a few items from Pampered Chef and it is not working..

Any thoughts? Suggestions? ect...??
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Re: Registry 360

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    I checked it out, but decided not to use it.  My Pampered Chef registry won't even link to the Knot site for our guests.  Apparenlty it doesn't recognize "https://" as our Target and BB&B registries are "http://" sites and had no problems posting to the site.  Registry 360 only picked up our Target registry, so we decided to not have it on the site.  I haven't tried the "add from anywhere" feature.
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    I tried out this site but wasn't really satisfied. My friend suggested which was the same concept but much more user friendly. You should try it out and see how you like it because I had a great experience with it.

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