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    [QUOTE]I dont want to sound selfish but I would really like to have a personal shower. I have been to at least 2 showers for all of my friends who have been married and even hosted a few. I know that purchasing a gift for each shower is expensive but I look at it this way.. I will eventually be on the receiving end. My cousin had a regular shower for me and most of my friends came. I didnt have my bridesmaids come to any other showers because they live out of town and gifts for 2 showers are expensive plus I thought that there would also be a personal shower. Well it turns out that my friends decided to scrap the personal shower because they felt it would be difficult to ask people to come to 2 showers. I feel discouraged because I have always supported my friends in their weddings and showers even when I couldnt afford to. I would really like to have a personal shower but I dont want to look like an awful person:(
    Posted by katherinebirdhunter[/QUOTE]<div>What's a "personal shower"?  Is it a lingerie shower?</div><div>
    </div><div>No matter what you want, your showers have to be thrown for you.  They are considered a gift from whomever decides to host it and you cannot ask for it because that would be rude (and gift grabby).  You may have done these things for your friends in the past but it's not a tit for tat thing.  </div><div>
    </div><div>Think of it this way, a lot of people don't get to have showers so you should be thankful for the one you did have.

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    Didn't like my response?
    Ignorance is a poor defense. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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    Showers aren't a tit fot tat thing, but friendship is definitely give an take. :(

    Sorry there's not a better response. I hope they change their minds.
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    It is never a good sign when the post starts out "I don't want to sounds selfish but..."

    That means you are being selfish.  Weddings are not just about gifts. 
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