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gifts not from our registry

so my shower was on Saturday (YAY, it was awesome). we recieved a few gifts that were not on our registry and i need to decide what to do with them. one is a Shark vaccuum cleaner. i already have a mega vaccuum from Sears, plus a dustbuster, so i definitely don't need this. there was no gift receipt attached and we are not on good terms with the aunt who gave it. what are my options for getting rid of it?

also we got service for 8 from a dish set at Kohls. we registered for dishes that are more expensive and much nicer from an online store that specializes in modern design. but we got absolutely nothing from the set except the creamer and a serving bowl. should we keep the kohls dished until the wedding to see if we get any of the dishes we actually want? the kohls dishes are very heavy. anyone know anything about their quality?

these are the ones we registered for:

these are the ones we got:

Re: gifts not from our registry

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    I know they sell the Shark at B,B,and B.  I registered for the Shark Steam Mop there.  I think they also sell it at Walmart, Target, and Kohls.
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    You could always ebay the vaccuum.  I doubt your aunt is going to ask to see it if she comes over.

    I wouldn't return or otherwise get rid of any shower gifts until after the wedding.

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    Shark is carried at Target and at Kohl's, I believe.  However, good luck returning anything at Target w/out a receipt now. 

    Unfortunately, a lot of stores are becoming pretty strict about returns with no receipt or after 90 days.  It would be proper to wait until after the wedding to return your Kohl's plates, but the chance of you actually being able to do so may be slimmer.  Depending on how long you have to wait until the wedding, you may want to exchange them now.  Kohls actually has lots of great stuff (we just registered there) and you may find a set of cheaper dishes that you like. 

    That's a tough one...
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    thanks all!
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    We had a few items we received that we didn't want/need, and they actually took them all back at Kohls and gave us store credit.

    I actually like those dishes from Kohls a lot, so I would probably keep them as an extra set.
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    I just think it's hilarious with the plates. I get they are more expensive but I am blind that they are still both white except one is square and one is round? Honestly, I can say if I couldnt afford the dishes you wanted I wouldn't have bought you any- but I'd say just keep the Kohls ones for now- they basically look like the ones you wanted. Although Kohl's is really good with returns.
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    Yeah, I say return what you can and ebay the rest! Definitely make sure you send a nice thank you note though, because just cuz it wasn't on your registry doesn't mean it's any less thoughtful!
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    You just send the beautiful dishes my way and pretend this conversation never happened...just think you could have gotten three crock pots at your shower...despite the fact you already have two at home...and never registered for them...none with gift reciepts...I'm not that creative of a cooker!...*sigh*...can we say regift...

    Make sure like the PP said, send a beautiful gushy note because they did take the time and spend the money to try and get you something they thought you would love!
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