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    [QUOTE]Eh to each their own. I certainly don't look down on people who have honeymoon registries - if they don't need the stuff they don't need the stuff and guests can always opt to get something from the honeymoon registry or from the tangible goods registry (if the couple has both - I like the idea of a choice). <strong>I don't really see how it's too different than, for example, me getting my friend a gift certificate for a spa or something</strong> - it's something she'll enjoy, something I know she's been wanting and talking about so I get her the gift certificate rather than a tangible present. I think a choice is good because some people do like to give linens and whatnot, but I really don't see the harm in a honeymoon registry. Just my two cents.
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    <div>But see, it IS different because you're not giving them a gift card for something. The company is simply writing them a check... after they take their own cut of the money.</div>
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    I really don't get the whole registry thing. Why is it rude to sublty direct someone that you would prefer cash over a blender, but not rude to tell someone that you would like a really expensive set of silverware? My fiance and I are paying for our own wedding, and we want to have all our guests there. We also just bought a house that needs complete renovating. We are taking on a lot of financial expenses at the moment and to put it simply, when we don't have a functional bathroom, fancy china just doesn't seem that important. Personally, when I give a gift, I'd prefer it to be what the recipient wants, whether that's towel or money to fix up their home. I am basically being bullied into creating a registry by my family, but we really don't want one. We are in the middle of moving, renovating, etc., and really don't know what we need or even what we can fit in our house. I think it's rude to ask guests to buy us all these gifts and spend all this money for our wedding! It is nice to get beautiful items that we currently are too strapped for cash to worry about, but...I don't know. I don't know why people attack you on these boards for simply stating that you prefer cash. I don't plan on writing "Money Please" on our invites or suggest that I will not appreciate physical gifts. It's just my personal preference. Don't worry, I don't plan on sharing that opinion with my guests. So everyone, just relax.
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