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Does anyone have an espresso machine?

If so, do you actually use it? It looks like fun, but I was thinking it might be one of those things I never get around to using (like my Crockpot). 
Also - what's the different between the $800 version and the $50 one? Does anyone have a reasonably priced one they can recommended?

Re: Does anyone have an espresso machine?

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    I have a coffe maker/espresso machine.  I think I've used the espresso part twice.  I usually just make coffee because it's easier.
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    I have a La Pavoni espresso machine, and it's awesome but difficult to clean and not especially user friendly.  I've used it twice, and that was a couple years ago (it was an unrequested gift).  If it didn't have sentimental meaning to me, I'd get rid of it in a second.   I stick to coffee (using a French press) because it's easier to make and easier to clean.
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    We have one by Krups and FI loves it.  He's a coffeeholic though and I never use it. He was like a kid in a candy store the day he brought it home and has used it every day since then.
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    I have an espresso pot that you use on the stove.  They come in all different sizes and don't cost much.  My family has always used this kind, so I'm not sure about the actual machines.  I bought mine in Italy, but I'm sure they can't be hard to find.  Well under $50 as well!
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    We also have the Krups espresso machine but we also have the one that you use over the stove as well.  FI comes from a large Italian family that always has espresso at family parties so he uses his all the time.  I think the Krups one was like $60 at BBB.  Very easy to use and clean. 
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    I have the Krups one as well. I used it a lot for about the first year I had it. Since I moved to my current location, it has been gathering dust in the corner of my kitchen.
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    I have an espresso machine and I love it. It's the Cafe Florence model by DeLonghi and costs under $100. My brother gave it to me for Christmas one year. It makes amazing coffee although it only makes one big cup or two little espresso cups at a time, so if it's for a family it's a bit of a pain. (FH doesn't drink coffee, so it's perfect for just me!)

    It's not working at the moment (the power button is broken) and I have to get it fixed. But it's a great machine.
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    I have a Cuisinart that I love and use every morning.  It's a programmable one (but I don't ever use that feature).  I think the biggest difference between the $50 and the $800 is if it steams milk.  (That's what I noticed when I was researching).  There's a certain amount of pressure required to be able to steam milk well.  The one I got was from BB&B and was $200 but I had one of those 20% off coupons they always send out.  It was well worth the money and it's already paid for itself since I don't pay for my daily latte's anymore.
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    we own a nepresso espresso maker same concept like the Keurig. Great espresso and no hassle cleaning, The empty pods drop into an internal bin that slides out to dump.
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    I'm going to be getting a Nespresso for the same reasons the PP mentioned :)  The quality is really amazing when you think about the size of the machine!  I'm going to be getting the Nespresso Citiz
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