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Sterling Silver Flatware?

Hi everyone!  I'm planning a New Orleans wedding in October.  I'm hoping to get some feedback from you lovely ladies on registering for silver.

I know that sterling was a standard registry item not so many years ago, but under the circumstances (which I'll explain), I'm wondering if it's appropriate for me to register for it.  My fiance and I are 31 and have been dating for six years and living together for almost three.  I would like to register for silver because my mother's set (Chantilly), which she inherited from her mother (and so on) is so depleted that I doubt there are more than three complete place settings in total.  We're only having about 85 people at the wedding.  My family is from the deep south, where silver is still standard registry fare, but his family is from Michigan and, though his Dad is a self-made millionaire, the rest of them come from humble circumstances.   I'm afraid they'll think it's pretentious of me to register for silver.  I don't believe his mother or grandmother has any.  Of course, I wouldn't expect to get much of it - but I would like to start building on what I will inherit.  I would, of course, include a lot of more reasonably priced items too.  Thoughts?
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