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I'm stalking... and maybe being greedy...

When did you start recieving gifts? We're two months away and no gifts have arrived- and because I've been stalking my registry (I know, I'm bad) none have been purchased either. Hummm....

Re: I'm stalking... and maybe being greedy...

  • I'm confused.  You JUST responded to a thread asnwering this exact same question.  Why would you start another one?
  • Two months away is still quite awhile. Be patient! I have been to many weddings in the past where i bought the gift only several weeks before the wedding! Don't worry, the gifts will start rolling in!! :) 

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  • I was also a bit concerned when a week out from my shower only a few gifts had been bought.  In my case, I had a lot of people go to Target or Wal Mart to purchase a lot of our registry, be prepaired for that to happen.  But with 2 months to go yet, be patient.  In my own expereince, I usually wait until the week before a shower or event to buy a gift anyways. 
  • I usually buy a gift only a week or two before any event. 
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  • Usually I buy gifts a few weeks before, so that's probably the case here as well
  • We've got a little under 4 months to go, but a week and a half to the shower.  There were two gifts purchased right away as soon as we put up the registry (guessing FMIL) and then a few here and there since but not many- definitely not as many as would attend a shower. 

    I always purchase either the weekend or week before a shower so I wouldn't be too worried.
  • I've been feeling the same way!  Glad I'm not the only one, and thanks for the words of wisdom ladies!

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  • we are just now starting to get stuff pouring in!!!! hang tight!
  • We've had two things purchased, but they were engagement presents, not wedding gifts and we've already received them. If you haven't had a shower yet and you're that far out from the wedding I wouldn't expect anyone to have bought anything yet.
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