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Wedding Gift for Close Friend

Hey everyone!

My best friend is getting married this month and I'm the MOH. I've been trying to come up with a really great gift for her and her groom. I don't want to give cash or anything off the registry, since I'm in the wedding party and we've been friends for so log.

From one bride to another, what do you think of this idea?

A weekend gift box gift certificate. There are a number of different packages that I can buy and depending on which one I purchase, they have a number of choices for a weekend getaway. They won't know how much I've spent, and they have a year to redeem it.

Second option by the same company: A life experiences gift card: This one is more specific and I would choose exactly what weekend trip they will have. Includes the hotel and food.

I'm kind of leaning towards the first one, but the package I want to get is more than I want to spend, especially with my own wedding coming up in a couple months. But I don't want my wedding to affect what gift I'm buying either.

Re: Wedding Gift for Close Friend

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    While I think those are great ideas, I would go off of the registry. I don't know what her situation is, but we registered for a lot of stuff that we really, really needed and had held off on buying for ourselves because we knew we were getting married. We got a few sentimental gifts that we really love, but we also needed knives that were not rusty, and would rather have had those, know what I mean? Good luck!
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    They registered for a reason, if you know there is something they really want and/or need, that's what I would get them. I think sometimes people choose to go off registry because they think that means it's more personal or that they put more time in to thinking about and choosing a gift but people register for things they want and/or need so I would stick to the registry.
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    Sorry, I'm going to have to agree with the PPs. Buy something off the registry. When we registered we scanned things we really need. While I will be ecstatic with any gift, the registry stuff is what I really want.

    There are a few ways to personalize the gift even when buying off the registry. You can do a themed gift basket filled with stuff off the registry. You could also consider buying a gift and making a scrapbook or buying a gift and writing her a nice note thanking her for her support throughout the years.
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    I agree with PPs, getting something from the registry doesn't make it any less personal.  Look for something on the registry that you know your friend would be really happy to receive or some other sort of connection.  I love everything I've gotten off registry, but I love the things that were on the registry just as much. 

    We registered for things like our cutting boards and barware for a reason and it was really exciting to get them.  They didn't feel impersonal, with things like the cutting board from FBIL who likes to cook, knows that I do as well and that FI helps with the slicing and chopping.  The Best Man personalized his gift by labeling the gifts either "shorti" or "FI" and he was exactly right - we had each chosen the things he gave us.

    So don't discount the registry, and you can always throw in an additional personal gift like a restaurant gift card along with something for her registry that she will use for decades.
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    I agree that you should go off the registry.  While I think off-registry gifts are nice, it's frustrating to get them when we really, really NEED the dishes off our registry and nobody's buying them.

    Buying something on the registry doesn't mean it's unsentimental--for my best friend's wedding, I got her the margarita pitcher and set she registered for because we would always go on margarita dates in college.  And for her wedding gift, I got them crystal toasting flutes I knew she loved but nobody was buying because they were so expensive and fairly impractical.
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    I'm choosing not to buy from the registry because they are having trouble finding more items to put on the registry and everything they really wanted has already been given to them at the showers, since they didn't have a whole lot to begin with. I had to encourage her to add more items to her registry for her second shower, so there would be stuff to choose from.

    They've both been living on their own for a while and don't need a whole lot. Plus, the house they just bought doesn't have a whole lot of space (they are renting out half of it) so there is not much room to put extra things.

    I would definitely usually go off the registry most of the time. But for this wedding, it just doesn't make sense.
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    I lke the option where they have some selection involved. As long as you are sure they will have time to redeem it, and won't have problem paying for transportation to get there or added expenses of food, etc, it sounds nice since they have essentially exhausted the registry.

    If food and travel is not included in the first one, then I would go for the second as long as they can choose the dates.
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    Are they taking a honeymoon?  Is this in place of one?
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    It's not a honeymoon. It's a weekend trip that they could take during the first year of their marriage.

    Meals are included in either one of the options. Transportation isn't included, but the cost of transportation would be low, unless they chose one of the options further away (there are a number of places all across Canada). But there are many options close to home that would be a short drive away.
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    Then in that case I would go with option one as it gives them a bit more to choose from.
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    Yes, go with number 1 in that case.
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    Is this from one of those timeshare meetings you went to and got the "free" weekend vacation, and you want to give it away?
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    I think it's okay to give a gift that isn't from the registry.  Registries are nice when you're not close to the couple, and you don't know what they want.  But if it's your best friend, I think a weekend getaway would be much more memorable and personal than a gravy boat or a sugar dish.
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    Thanks for the advice ladies!

    It is absolutely NOT a free vacation that I don't want, especially as a wedding gift. If I had a free vacation I didn't want, I would offer it to a friend, but it would not be replacing a gift.

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