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registry advice for us?

hi ladies, i'm looking for some advice!

we just found out TODAY that my FI's job is going to require EXTENSIVE travel over the next couple of years.  (he's a consultant).  so, it's looking like we may be living in corporate housing in a couple different cities for 6 month chunks of time.

aside from the omg life change factor i'm trying to figure out practical stuff.  like, what the heck do we do now about a registry?  we own a home in denver that we'll probably lease to a very responsible family member, which is a lucky situation for everyone.  our plan is to return to denver but who knows, maybe we'll fall in love with boise or nashville or timbuktu and decide to sell the house and move.  

corporate housing has pretty much all the basic dishes/etc we need.  i don't want to lug my dreamy anthropologie tableware all over kingdom come, but i also don't want it to sit in denver in a box.  (i'm obsessed with my anthropologie tableware at the moment!)

so, what would you guys do about a registry in this situation?  i feel wrong asking for gifts that we will likely not use in the forseeable future.  plus, maybe by the time we're ready to use it we'll change our minds, want something different, etc.  



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