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How necessary is a Dyson??

Hi ladies, 

I know NOTHING about the differences between vacuum brands, and I'm wondering if I need the vacuum on my registry to be a Dyson. I'm asking someone to spend SO much money that way! :(

My mom has a Dyson and dad doesn't, and both swear by their separate brands (his might be hoover?). FI and I don't have any pets, and although we want dogs it will be at least two years before we get any. Any advice would be appreciated!

Re: How necessary is a Dyson??

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    I've used a Dyson.  I'm not sure what kind, it's purple, and the suction sucks, er, I mean, it doesn't suck up the crap on the floor.  I don't care for it.

    My parents have a Hoover that's decades old and still runs great.  Really, it's all personal preference though.  IMO, if you can't see spending or having someone else spend that money on a Dyson where their money could go elsewhere, there's no need to register for it.

    But I know there are girls on here who swear by the Dysons.  Mine's terrible.
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    I love our Dyson - I don't think the suction is that much better than the Bissel that we had had, but I love how easy it is to manuver, and I love how lightweight it is.  We bought the Ball version, and to me it's a lot easier to move around.

    I probably never would have gotten it if I hadn't gotten it super discounted on Black Friday, though.
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    I have lived my entire adult life with the same Hoover, and it works just fine.  It is really an issue of personal preference.  The Dyson is more maneuverable and I know people that swear by theirs but my $150 vacuum has worked just fine for me.
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    Depending on the size of your home and level of cleanup needed (pet hair etc) I would definitely recoment the roomba. The newest version will even vacuum while you are at work. I have the basic model and love it!!
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    I checked consumer reports before I got our vacuum and Dyson doesn't do very well. It wasn't just because they are expensive. They have a rating for suction and it wasn't great. I would check for the latest ratings. If you don't want to pay for consumer reports you can look at the magazines at your local library.
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    I've used a Dyson and didn't think it was any better than the Hoover I used to have (broke while moving) and the Eureka I currently have (bought from costco).  The Dyson was heavy and clunky, but I liked how the tools were stored onboard the machine and didn't run the risk of falling off.

    I was given a roomba, but it didn't do the job well enough for me.  It missed a lot of the room and was rather erratic in it's cleaning.  It also needed to be emptied frequently and I didn't feel it had great suction.  

    I think the key to a vaccum is having it serviced yearly or bi-yearly.  I've had mine done a couple times and a good professional cleaning is usually all it takes to get it back to new.
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    Thank you all very much for your helpful and speedy responses! Sounds like I need to do my homework on Hoover and Bissel vacuums...
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    i love my dyson. it has out lasted longer than my last 4 vaccums combined. they all died after a year. i have purple animal one, no ball. it is probably 5 or 6 years old, still works great. it is easy to clean. i don't think i would have bought it if i didn't get it for $300 from a store that my friend worked at that allowed him to share his discount with friends but i am glad i purchased it. the $600 would have been worth it, but with the bad luck i was having, it would have been hard to convince me any vaccumm would have lasted 6 years to even make the cost worth it.

    I have heard terrible things about the dyson with the ball, so i can't really speak for that or the newer models. i just know that my older one is amazing and i love it. it even survived a stay at a fraternity house and cleaned up a TON of stuff even after they just vaccummed. the suction works great. again, mine is super old so maybe the newer model isn't as good. like i love my tassimo coffee maker, but the newer model is crap and when mine dies, i won't get another.
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    I think the big thing with the Dyson... is stay away from the ball if you want it to pick up suction. We have the purple no ball... and they told us that it has like 5x the amount of suction that the purple ball one has... when you have the ball you lose all the suction. We LOVE it, it gets up all the pet hair, and everything else we need it to. It's a bit heavy, but is AMAZING. We bought it ourselves though at lowes with a 20% off coupon.
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    LOVE my Dyson!!!
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    We just got a new vacuum...the Bissell "lift off"...

    It was between the Bissell and the Dyson D14 (I think, cannot remember now). I read tons of reviews and the Dyson did not do so well in the reviews, and cost $350 (it was not the high end of Dyson). We went with the Bissell because of the reviews online, and it was $178

    Got it home and tried it out....oh dear god! I was so amazed and skeeved out because of ALLLLLL the hair and dirt it sucked up!!!!  We have a beagle....and I cannot believe how much dog hair this thing has gotten rid of!!!!

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    Got a Dyson 7 years ago right after my son was born.  Best! Purchase! Ever!!!!  Definitely worth every penny.
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